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Buckling born Feb 22, 2014  $300


Aylie’s handsome and strong buckling:  He is the second born of twins - his sister was born first, at 4.5 lbs, and then along came this “little” fella at 9 lbs!  No wonder his sister came out first!  He is a big, big, sweet, happy boy, and at day 1 his legs were well-proportioned which is a great sign for even conformation. With Aylie’s and Forrest’s body capacity, I expect him to be a powerful buck.  He carries Oznayim WSB Baba and *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve on both sides, and we are retaining his sister for the herd.


5-25-14 - As I was doing chores tonight, this big boy demonstrated that he is more than ready to start breeding. Whoa buddy!  I’ve had to isolate him as other than him I only have fairly closely related does (and I don’t want an Oct or Nov kidding!).  We are headed out for a family vacation on June 4 - I am dropping this guy’s price to $200 if he is picked up by June 3!


SOLD 5-30-2014