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Mail: jasperfarm@live.com

Goats for Sale

Bucklings are listed for sale below!

Please take a look at our breeding plans for an overview of our 2016 kidding season.  2017 plans will be coming in the fall - Oznayim Herb Basil will be in heavy use!  Kaitlyn is going to be enjoying her well-earned retirement and we look forward to her genetics being continued through her boy, Jasper Farm OM Bo Diddley.

Please click the button below to read our sales policy, and thank you for your interest in a

Jasper Farm goat!

We maintain a CAE/CL/Johnne’s/Brucellosis/TB-free G6S normal herd.  We participate annually in ADGA’s DHI milk test and Linear Appraisal programs.

We cherish the old-style Nubian genetics of the past while embracing the future through consistent breeding plans incorporating depth of pedigree with carefully integrated out-crosses.

Click here to take a look at our future breeding plans.


Connect with us

Mail: jasperfarm@live.com


2016 reservations will be accepted with no deposits.  Contact us.

Dolly Kaitlyn Aylie

1*M SG Oznayim Breve’s Kaitlyn

2*M SG Bryson Branch BH Lucky Dollar  “Dolly”

SG Jasper Farm Baba’s Aylie

Kidded March 17, 2 bucklings


Jasper Farm Kijana’s Naomi

Kidded Feb 6: 1 doeling

Kidded Feb 10, 1 buckling, 1 doeling

Kidded March 27, 2 bucklings (1 polled)


Jasper Farm FG’s

La Gazzaladra “Maggie”

Kidded March 24, 1 buckling, 1 polled doeling (doeling retained)

2016 plan

Naomi & Mitch

1 doeling SOLD

2016 plan




1 buckling retained

2016 plan

Dolly & Mitch

Buckling SOLD

Breeding is a process of love and careful intention.  

We value life and the spirit that brings it that spark,

and in order to ensure a good life for all our Jasper Farm kids,

every baby we bring into this world must have a strong reason for being.

2016 plan

Aylie & Mitch

Bucklings $300

Oznayim Mitch

Oznayim Mitch

Oznayim Mitch


Oznayim Mitch

2016 plan

Maggie & Mitch

Buckling $300

1 doeling retained

Oznayim Mitch


I love Obies, but expanding to a second herd seems unlikely to happen, so I am offering our Oberhasli semen.


10 straws, $10 each

Jillian Mendez, Luckytohave herd:  “Carries black. I have his grand-daughter Tailynn in my herd still. Heavy milker (12-14#), nice udder, needs a little more blending and smoothness of the foreudder into body. Timmy's daughters were very dairy...best to breed him to coarse or strong does or does that are needing more flatness of bone and need that length of neck. His daughters take about 2-3 years to put it all together...slow maturing. At times they can look very rangey and hot dog type....just give them time to grow and develop.”


10 straws, $15 each

Jillian Mendez, Luckytohave herd:  “Gorgeous buck! Big, powerful yet dairy.”


7 straws, $20 each

Connect with us

Mail: jasperfarm@live.com Lizzy

Oznayim Lizzy

Kidded Feb 26: 1 doeling, deceased at birth  :(


Oznayim Mitch

2016 plan

Lizzy & Mitch

1 doeling

Jasper Farm OM Nirvana  N1795742

Horned/disbudded, born March 27, 2016

$300 Available now

Aylie X Mitch

Aylie is milking about 12.5lbs/day now on her third freshening - she is on milk test!  Van has been jointly bottle and dam-raised by a very milky dam, and you can see that in his growth.  Van has got the overall package down - strong bone, wide thurl to thurl and through the escutcheon, and displays notable breed character in his nose and ears.  

Jasper Farm OM Lord Bretagne  

registration pending

Horned/disbudded, born Feb 10, 2016

$300  Available now

Dolly X Mitch

Dolly gave us beautiful Aylie who is milking like crazy now on her 3rd lactation, and consistently passes on strong bone and feet.  

Jasper Farm OM Buddha  N1790897P

 (click for adgagenetics)

Polled, born Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

$300 Available in October

Aylie X Mitch

Aylie is milking about 12.5lbs/day now on her third freshening - she is on milk test!  Buddha has been jointly bottle amd dam-raised with his brother Van, and I am very hopeful that he and Lizzy will give us a polled doeling next year.


Jasper Farm OM Sunshine

Horned/disbudded, born March 24, 2016


Maggie X Mitch

Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch